opengl is the reason why every distributer started to come up with the incentive to market up prices of computers as they achived the goal of having most developers rely on thier shitty graphics engine. back in the early 90s 3D was developing at a rapid rate, became an art form mastered by many developers, consoles like the dreamcast, out preforming playstation and the current competitors by a exteremly large margin. As microsoft released the xbox they released opengl marketed as directx , while it being true that it was an engine to praise (for the moment being), it being capable to render smooth 3D,a feat in which HAS been accomplished around the same timeframe, microsoft being a monopoly with the power to mass distribute, activly pushes this product. keep in mind 3D at the time is only possible my means of writing the algorithms yourself and testing, the devs of the C programming language didnt say, hey the only way to achive 3D is to use some companies pre built pre written pre packaged software, no you had to write it for yourself by preforming floating point mathematics, and using matrix multiplication ect. ect. microsoft being the jew gate keepers that they are, had a plan to control the 3D market, they knew that the average developer didnt have access to the formulas needed to preform the calculations needed to make 3D generation that matched releasing titles of the time. they knew that the average developer didn't have the patience, or the time to map out an engine from scratch or let alone figure out how simple it is to attribute matrice colums to variables, microsofts very first iteration of this directx seemed impressive, although consoles like the dreamcast proved that 3D generation was possible on a device small as a playstation. as sega went bankrupt, microsoft jewing out their stupid directx(openf4gg0tGL) rendering system by mass marketing it. when in use, it was in exchange for the computers soul, the soul = cpu and ram despise the tax on the hardware,most developers not really caring that not only was the engine being taxed in exchange for nice smooth 3D graphics, as the iterations of openGL or directx released, the impact of the video games and software requiring this god dammed rendering engine became higher and higher there for, spiking up the price of computers all across the world as systems like windows vista tried integrating open gl in the source code of the operating system making it a requirement , eventually MACOS 10.6.3 integrated it as well, for those of you who have memory issues, heres a recap, monopoly companies markup up their products with engines that claim "smooth" 3D generation , that seemed impossible at the time ,but is really achievable with enough planning when developing an engine. lazy developers who want fast money and dont want to take the time and create their own engine, get told , hey we have this peice of nigger software for you that can do the parts your too lazy to do when programming. in exchange for your computers CPU AND RAM. that isnt really a big deal is it? fast forward years later, microsft not having any competitors, they are still telling these new generation of programmers that this level of "smooth" 3D is ONLY acheivable with openf4gg0tGL/directx or "our style of program writing" nowadays, each head of company that sells video games for prophit first makes a 3D engine, in which the part of the program that takes the heavy lifting of the 3D genration is compiled , then distributes their engine to the smaller dev deams that are branched out, tasked to sell and pump out games, microsoft took this a step further and said , hey lets make this a chance to completely take over the market and make it so that the games industry cannot rely without our engine. and as new iterations of our engines release, it will take more and more power to run these shitty programs that keep the sheep happy. they buy our products anyways, so lets just mark up the price of our products, since we have the capacibility to do so. isnt it funny how only newer CPUS have only been developed? how these monopolys know that if a computer had infinate ram capability a niche market for newer and stronger CPUS would never be needed again? -------11/27/2021------- saturay, NOV, 2021---------- -----------I re-read my theory of microsoft and API's working in conjunction to raise prices to sell products to the sheep. started to realize, you know, ray traced graphics are fundamentally different than polyhedra algorthical methods. and when I start to put 2 and 2 together. I admit to the exent my psyop theory goes to, but it comes from a place of reason. GPU'S ARE A SOULLESS JEWISH SCHEME AND ALOT OF GRAPHICS CAN AND ARE PERFECTLY DONE ON THE CPU, the best programmers don't give a shit if you have to sacrafice this for that. they make it happen regardless.----------------- -----------------I guarentee you it is possible to convert polyhedra algorthithms to ray tracing ones. Might have been done before, might not, not sure at all about that one. ------------------ ------------Theres only a few awnser's to this ---------- 1) design your own microprocessors 2) program for your own microprocessors 3) distribute in mass scale ---------------------- -------------------let me be clear you CAN program drivers in ASSEMBLY for this kind of stuff and contrary to the mass beleif that you shouldn't, but at the same time, you really shouldn't, unless they are your microprocessors, that you've designed.... it would be kind of pointless to write for them if you know... they've already had drivers written for them... unless your doing homebrew shit youknow. ------------------ ---------------------how big could you dream if you knew you couldn't fail? first step is to have the mentality, then the rest just comes with enough suffering. surround yourself around the right people, read, remember what you read.--------------------------- --------------Going to teach programming in these next couple weeks, and here is lesson 1) I dont know what to title it, going to accompany it with videos im going to upload on ----------- and please go donate to as they are the only website that truley hasen't corrupted and bent over in recent times and that is rare. as they host all the content Terry A. Davis has put out, in which no other website does. ------------------- ------------------just remember this shit im going to tell you -------------------, its important. your going to need it , ------------------------- -----------------Displacement represents a change in location, changes in x or y, or both.++++++++++++ Compression represents changes in scale, in x or y 0R both.+++++++++++++ Rotation is done by messing with two parameters reflecting degree changes from the x and y axes. -------------------------------------- The pictures at the end represent what these definitons are , sorry again, going to have a hyperlink soon that will jump to parts of the website instead of scrolling down endlessly. ------------------------------------------- heres one that you probably havent heard before;-------------------------------- the word SYSTEM is defined as ; a collection of transformations, or 'operators'. ----------------------------------------- so the 3 pictures at the bottom follow rules of a system that I just explained to you, then the results of the rules are from the transformations ------------------------------------------------- when you program you are basically planning a series of transformations, using the programming language you choose, ------------------------------------- you plan the transformations, with variables. thats ALL programming consists of, ---------------------------------------------------------------------- but the hard part is remembering how to use the syntax/programming language/ you choose, and getting the functions to work by finding and carefully choosing the algorithms that can preform your tranformations using most efficent way possible, --------------------------------------------------- when your looking at a video game, [lets say fallout 3] the main character rendered on the screen is a variable, the ground he is standing on is a varibale, the HUD is a variable, the ammo counter is a variable, the enemies are a variable, anything that does not move on the screen IS called a STATIC OBJECT, also itis a variable, -------------------------------------------------- EVERYTHING IS A VARIABLE, omg, do you understand yet? no ? ok ------------------------------------- when you use firefox or whatever CPU hogging browser you use, your mouse is a variable your OS keeps track of , by tracking its position. the adress bar is a variable, the minimize button is a variable, the close button. there are series of tranformations assigned to when each variable is interacted with. ------------------------------------------------------------------ THiS is true for ALL programs/applications that exist on the planet. whether your using Adobe photoshop, After effects, Sony Vegas, Audacity, Fl Studio, Runescape, Gears of War 2, or any mac application, sorry to exclude you guys. but seriously FUCK macOS , it bricks on you all the fucking time I lost so much data using that shit, --------------------------------------------- ALL VIDEO GAMES ARE APPLICATIONS, they are just applications that dont stop tranforming unless you press the pause button or at the start/load menu. ------------------------------------------------ there is some newtons law, I can't remember what its called, that says you can program ANYTHING. IT is true, although um, ------------------------------------------ within the next couple weeks I will get you to 1) improve your memory 2) teach you that your family is more important than your dreams 3) like math 4) write your own programs 5) study the hardest mathematics possible with you 6) teach you to render 3D using C 7) organization 8) how to love god better (fuck you athiest Fagg-ts) 9) how to kill pride and kill your ego----------------------------------- untill next time, it will be accompanied with a video ------------------------------------ Whatever this is that I am, it is a little flesh and breath, and the ruling part. Throw away thy books; no longer distract thyself: it is not allowed; but as if thou wast now dying, despise the flesh; it is blood and bones and a network, a contexture of nerves, veins, and arteries. See the breath also, what kind of a thing it is, air, and not always the same, but every moment sent out and again sucked in. The third then is the ruling part: consider thus: Thou art an old man; no longer let this be a slave, no longer be pulled by the strings like a puppet to unsocial movements, no longer be either dissatisfied with thy present lot, or shrink from the future - Marcus Aralious ---------------------------------------------------- visit and join the telegram ------------------------------------------------------- syghost



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